Chef's Recommendations


Entrée 精 美 六 小 碟 前 食
  • Poached Pork Slices with Garlic & Chilli 蒜 泥 白 肉
  • Tofu with Preserved Duck Egg 皮 疍 豆 腐
  • Cucumber with Smashed Garlic & Chilli 刀 拍 黃 瓜
  • Five Spices Beef Shank 五 香 牛 腱
  • Sour & Spicy Mung Bean Noodles 酸 辣 涼 粉
  • Four Fortune Braised Gluten 四 喜 烤 麩


Quail Maryland (8 pcs)
  • Deep-Fried with Salt & Chilli 椒 盐 鵪 鶉 腿
  • Chilli Black Bean Sauce 避 風 塘 鵪 鶉 腿


Pan-Fried Wagyu Beef in Roasted Sesame Sauce 
烤 芝 麻 醤和 牛
Lobster Tail & Vermicelli Hot Pot
龍 蝦 尾 粉 絲 煲
Cumin Lamb Cutlets (6 pcs) 
孑 然羊 架
Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli with Sausages & Preserved Meat 
腊 味 炒 芥 蘭
Scotch Fillet Slices in Szechuan Hot Chilli Broth
四 川 水 煮 肥 牛
Fish Fillet with Pickled Cabbage in Spicy Broth 
酸 菜 魚 
Homemade Meat Balls with Crabmeat Sauce 
蟹 肉 獅 子 頭
Corn-Fed Chicken in Aromatic Ginger Salt Flavour
沙 薑 盐 焗 黃 油 鷄
Pan-Fried Jumbo King Prawns in Garlic Herb Sauce (4 pcs)
甘 香 大 蝦 皇 
Pork Ribs Braised in Hoi Sin Sauce
醬 燒 排 骨
Deep-Fried Silken Tofu with Salted Egg Sauce
黃 金 玉 子 豆 腐
Sautéed King Prawns with Edamame Beans in Spicy Sauce
辣 味 枝 豆 炒 蝦 球
White Bait Egg Slices in Wasabi Pea Puree
白 飯 魚 蛋 餅 配 日 式 芥 辣 靑 豆 汁
Stir-Fried Mushrooms with Lotus Root, Black Fungus & Vegetables
鮮 菇 雲 耳 藕 片 炒 時 蔬 
Seafood Fried Rice with Braised Abalone Sauce
鮑 汁 海 鮮 炒 飯 
Seafood Poached Rice in Fish Broth
魚 湯 海 皇 泡 飯


Peter Lehmann Degustation Menu 


白 飯 魚 蛋 餅
White Bait Egg Slices in Wasabi Pea Puree
Hill & Valley – Eden Valley Pinot Gris 2017

Salt & Pepper Lobster Tail
Masters – Wigan Valley Riesling 2012/13

Barbeque Trio
Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz 2012

Wagyu Beef in Szechuan Chili Sauce
Very Special Vineyard – Hearnden Shiraz 2013

Cumin Lamb Cutlets
Masters – Eight Songs Barossa Shiraz 2014


$60 per person, without wine pairing (Minimum 4 people)
$85 per person, paired with Pehmann Wines (Minimum 4 people)